Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Journal Entry: The Time I Tried to Play Call of Duty 4 on Veteran.

Yeah yeah, I get it. Bang bang, run run, flashbang through the door. No, I don't want to play on normal. Yes, I do know that you reccomended it to me, thank you.

Crew Expendable
This doesn't look too bad at all. Hell, it seems like all these guys are drunk or asleep!
Oh damn! It's either been way too long since I've played this or I am already in over my head...
What? I died escaping the ship? I didn't even know you could do that.

This is more like it. I can work with these guns. You mean I can just hang way back and pop guys in the head like this was Halo 3? Good times.
Hey, these night vision goggles really do make it too easy!

Charlie Don't Surf
Okay, lets do this.
Hello shotgun, you are my new best friend.
Shit! Oh Shit!
Ugh. I understand the concept of the grenade indicator, damn it.
Alright, TV station, it's just you and me now. I can totally do this. I got this, just gotta take it one step at a...fuck.
Fuck! God damn it! Damn, god damn, damn shazzam!



[Edit] The Every Time I played Mega Man 9

Oh man, listen to that music! This is awesOH NO

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