Friday, December 12, 2008

A Step by Step Guide to Getting the Most Out of Playstation Home

1. Choose "Playstation@Home" from your PS3's XMB.

2. Find something to do during the downloading and installation process (I chose "smoke cigarette.")

3. Ignore the Terms of Use.

4. Swear at your television when you accidentally hit the button to go back to reading the Terms of Use as it is conveniently where your cursor lies when you go to agree.

5. Hit X to connect to home, get treated to a blurring of the bland Home menu screen, which if you are doing things right should make your eyes bleed.

6. Receive one of a number of error messages which take you back to the XMB as opposed to straight back to Home's main menu to try to connect again.

7. Repeat attempts to connect to Home servers in vain, inserting colorful language and more cigarette breaks wherever you see fit.

7. Turn on XBox 360, play Left 4 Dead.